Mole Creek

Wild Cave country

Wild Cave country

Mole Creek is situated 74 km south of Devonport and about 25 km west of Deloraine, in central northern Tasmania (Australia).

Things to see & do in the area

World Heritage Area natural and cultural wonderland. Spectacular limestone caves, Leatherwood honey factory outlet and the Trowunna Wildlife Park. Kooparoona niara/ Great Western Tiers scenery for leisurely country driving and a variety of bushwalks for family outings or overnight adventures.

For more details about local attractions and places to stay visit www.Mole

The ‘Tourist Caves’

Most people come to Mole Creek to visit one or both of the well developed tourist caves; Marakoopa Cave and King Solomon Cave.

Marakoopa (from the aboriginal word meaning ‘handsome’), a wet cave featuring two underground streams and amazing display of glow worms, is located 8 km west from Mole Creek.

King Solomon Cave, a smaller, dry cave (yet still spectacular) is situated a further 7 km west and is better suited to those who are less energetic, due to its fewer steps.

Please go to Mole Creek Tourist Caves or call the caves office for current prices and tour times (03) 6363 5182.

Experience Wild Caves

For those of you wishing to take a more adventurous tour in Wild caves (one without concrete paths, fixed lights and steps), then you are in the right place! We can take you on a guided tour (there are no “self-guided” caves offered at Mole Creek). Wild Cave Tours provides options for you to choose fromĀ and allĀ caving equipment; for more details call us on (03) 6367 8142.

How to find Mole Creek

How to find Mole Creek