“A totally different perspective on life-magnetic. Another million trips would be great!”
Nicole Rankin, Brisbane, Australia.

“Excellent-not just a tour of a bunch of holes. A real introduction to the techniques and principles of caving.”
Eric Gunther, New York, USA.

“The tour was as challenging as you wanted it to be.”
Carol Didcock, NSW, Australia.

“Hey, so good that I had to come back again!”
Laurence Seaton, Australia.

“Got me well and truly away from my normal lifestyle.”
Sarah Robotham, Queensland, Australia.

“Excellent tour – especially educational regarding caving formations and photographic techniques.”
Nigel Mackwood, North Wales, UK.

“It was truly an amazing experience. The cave decorations were amazing! and squeezing through tiny holes and rockclimbing in Honeycomb was great fun.”
Hans Gerritsen, Holland.

Unforgettable group adventures
Special Interest Group

“Freezing water, slippery rocks leading to a black abyss and lurking arachnids – the perfect recipe for a dandy day out! Thanks Deb.”
Victor Tang, Queensland, Australia.

“I have never felt so peaceful as that time in the glow worm cave – all dark and listening to your flute.”
Tobi Ensio, USA.

“A blast! Grounding, empowering and enlightening. Thanks.”
Maryanne Downey, Tasmania, Australia.